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Everyone seems to believe that the cruiseline air package is a safer way to go than booking air on your own. They take no responsibility for the airlines delays/cancellations. Read the docs they send but nobody ever reads. They distance themselves from any liability/responsibility well and have good lawyers to back their position. The airlines do the same. I'm a believer in travel insurance for these and other reasons but the traveler has the ultimate responsibility to plan well for extra time getting to the airport and planning for delays for traffic, long lines, security, etc.
So let's change this situation a little. I have my flight through RCI and travel insurance. I'm at the airport/gate at the time I'm suppose to be and the flight is delayed. What are RCIs responsibilities, if any? Am I scrambling to find another flight? What if there aren't any? Does it then become my responsibility to get to the next port?

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