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We went the week of 6/16 last year. The cruise the week before us had high 70's low 80's, our cruise was mostly in the high 50s and low 60's, so it can really be a crap shoot. I would gues you can expect 65 to 70 degree highs with lows in the 50's, but again there is no gaurantees.

Bring a rain proof light jacket if you have one. We ended up buying them for $20 a piece (which was a good price for the coat) at our first stop. It can rain almost everyday off and on (its a rainforrest) but then again it can be sunny the whole trip too. Alaska is a hard cruise to pack for. The ship was comfortable the whole time, so if you have a good coat and maybe a sweater or two just in case you should be fine. I brought shorts but never needed them.
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