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Hello Love Cruising, and welcome to cruise-chat;

I must say I was amazed at the variety of shore excursions offered during your Canal transit. I am doing virtually the same cruise on Princess, and they offer no excursions during the transit.

If you stay on the ship I know there will be commentary at points of interest; and you will have a "front row seat", as it were, of the transit. But some of the excursions looked very interesting.

We are doing all-day excursions before and after the Canal in Cartagena and Costa Rica, so even if there were some available, we would probably pass. I've been through the Canal before, and it's a great day to just kind of kick back and enjoy the scenery.

But hey, it's your cruise and you know best how much activity you want and what sounds interesting to you.

Please keep in touch and let us know how your planning goes.