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Ok I planning my next cruise
Last year I went to the adventure of the seas one of the Voyager series of RCCL
I have to say MEGA does not mean a better vacation.
The carnival destiny maybe smaller but the food is always there you can eat when ever you want or what ever you want they have 24 hour pizza not that microwave they have at the RCCL, midnight buffets and I mean a real buffet.
So you know I am a Food junkie and I don’t like to pay good money just to find that the company limit me when or where I will like to eat, for example from my experience onboard the AOS, so you understand:
o I went to Curacao and because some problem at the port we did not disembark at the time we where suppose to. We wait for 3 hour at sea until they let us disembark so we ate breakfast as always during the morning at 7 am. By the time we went to the island it was 10 am. We went to our 3.5 hour tour of the island, I didn’t have the time to eat lunch before my tour, so I figured after I went back from it I will eat lunch at the windjammer. After arriving the ship we went to the windjammer and for my surprise it was close at 3:30 pm
What cruise line closes the windjammer during the afternoon??
Only Royal Caribbean…
When I went to ask about it they just told me I can wait to the dinner or eat at the café promenade, Microwave pizza or those seven eleven sandwiches are not my first option for a food but well is either that or going to the Johnny Rockets or portofino and Pay for food in a cruise NICE charging me for eating on a Cruise ship that’s a new one…
When I went to the café they just give me only one slice of pizza because everyone was there eating so they have to limit one per person in order to get another piece I had to make the line again.

Ok It was not a big line but well I don’t like to wait when I am hungry
So you know
THIS IS the only REASON of why
I am hesitating of buy another cruise from RCCL the next year
AOS is a great ship, the itinerary is great, I love Aruba and they are the only Company that goes to that port from PR, but for me food is a big part of any cruising experience,
I hope that they will learn that I am not the only guest thinking this way…