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Frase, I'm sure the word got around to the rest of the crew too. People have to realize the ship is basically a floating city. This is where the crew works and lives, we are guests there even though we pay.

OK, my turn.

Obnoxious kids on the loose. This is rediculous sometimes. People get on the ship and let them go at will yelling and screaming. Not all kids get on my nerves mind you, just the obnoxious ones. You can always tell which one's have good parents.

Example 1; A bunch of brats pushed all the elevator buttons one time. Then the same bunch asked if the elevator was going to the front of the ship the next day. I told them it was going to the back.

Example 2; A well behaved group of kids approached a person in our group while doing the scavenger hunt. Then they asked me "Mr. can you help us too please?" I read the next clue from the sheet and knew it was in the lobby, so I gave them a blatent additional clue to help them.