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Originally posted by joergr:
Originally posted by PA Steve Rocky Mount:
and ZERO Cuban cigars!!!
I was really ****ed about that. Our CD did not tell us until disembarkation talk that Cubans are not allowed. Even if you fly direct to Canada after your cruise you're not allowed to bring them into the US. They should have told me in the beginning, so i dont go out and buy any. So stupid. Sorry just venting.

I'm not Canadian but I got a kick out of our CD on Liberty when he said Canadians could have Cuban Cigars, but followed up with they can't bring them thru the US even through an Airport. So bottom line was no. I was tempted however to get just one out for a cigar smoking friend, but I'm really a chicken.

The other limits were different on alcohol and purchases. Seemed unusual to have different levels for different nationalities. And then if the Booze was from St Thomas you could have more. Worse than golf rules in some ways