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Originally posted by dbug:
Oh...I the buffet nightly?
The Glory is a Glorious Ship. You can always get something to eat at Midnight as several eateries on the Lido deck are open 24/7 but the Midnight Buffet is a Major event with Ice Sculptures and food arranged in pretty patterns. It is only 1 night of the cruise. Watch the Carnival Capers for which night. They will open it for pictures first and then you can cue up to eat. Frankly I was not impressed buy food and sculpture and eating at midnight is not my hot spot. Many people think this is the highlight. I like the Dancing Shows and solitude, the spa and the peaceful rolling of the sea. I enjoy dressing up to the 9s on formal night. Have a great 20th anniversary and be sure the ship knows it is your anniversary, tell your waiter and steward. Go to the Opening night in the Theater and yell or stand up when the cruise director asks who is on their anniversary. You may get surprised