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OK folks and gurus I have more questions again. What else is new from a first time cruiser right

A) NYC Embarkation.. what is involved? Is there alot of hurry up and wait or is it first come first serve and you actually get on in a timely manner?

B) Wondering about formal wears. I know it is supposed to be freestyle and casual is fine but is there anytime when Bermuda Shorts and Dock shoes will not be allowed? Is there a dress up night offered (I looked and never found the answer on either NCLs website or anywheres else)

C) Packages. I see they offer embarkation packages which include dinner and wine at the french resturant plus spa stuff and other things. I was just wondering if it would just be cheaper to book the stuff seperate or do you recomend the package deals? We were looking at the Romance package at $249. Seemed pricey for what is offered.

Thanks for any help you all can give. You have been a big help with my other questions and concerns.