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Would you folks consider a forum for those of us traveling with children?
As I get closer to the sailing date I find that I have many questions that are buried in the various threads.
Such as:
Do the arcade games take quarters? I don't think a 13 yr old with free reign on my debit card is a great thing.

I'm bringing along a friend's child. I have a passport and a notarized letter. Do I need anything else for excursions and such?

Is the penalty for tossing a child off the ship less in Haiti than in St. Thomas, or is it easier to just leave them on shore?

What's the best way to keep track of a kid onboard? I'm sure everyone has walkie-talkies, and my DS will have his switched off. Do you pick a pre-planned meeting place and time? Can they call the room phone from the kid zone and is there a charge...

You get the idea.

Thanks for all your help


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