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So, when some people hear "cruise", they automatically think of food 24/7, and gaining tons of weight.

How many of you actually do gain a noticeable amount of weight while cruising?

How do your eating/exercise habits vary from when at home? I'm sure some people have a very relaxed "it's vacation, I'll eat what I want" mentality, while others might be thinking "it's vacation, I want to look good".

Personally, since I am rather strict about my eating/exercise habits, I plan on enjoying myself a bit, but at the same time being mindful of the healthy choices. I also have no intention of eating just because I can. I also plan on going to the gym everyday Iím not at port Ė I know plenty of people say that, but I do not belong to a gym at home, so Iím pretty excited about having all kinds of machines and a larger variety of weights.
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