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Just read on another site where RCL/CEL has started a program to check your luggage to the airport for you if you are flying home on the same day you get off the ship. They will charge a nominal fee of $10-$20 for this service. It states you give shipboard personnel your flight numbers and they will print luggage claim tickets and boarding passes and your luggage will be transported to the airport. This will save you time not having to locate your luggage when you get off the ship. It will also allow those with late flights to go sighntseeing without worrying about what to do with luggage. It will also save you time at the airport. The program was tested last summer in Vancouver. It is being introduced to US ports as it is approved by TSA, Customs, and Border Patrol. The program is called "Onboard check-in and Luggage Valet." Kudos to RCL/CEL