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I had the misfortune (!) of being rasied in Stanford University's backyard, and from the time I was 8 until I was 40, I worked at Stanford football games, first parking cars, then directing traffic. Got to go to all the games free. Saw some of the greatest football players in college before they hit the pros- Stanford greats (not very many) as well as other universities. Sorry digdmr, I absolutely HATE USC, unless they are playing Notre Dame. That is the only time I root for SC. SC has pounded Stanford so many times, it hurts. When I was in junior high school, after a lopsided SC win over Stanford, a local scribe asked SC Coach John McKay about the day's game; McKay was kind of ****y, and said he wished they'd won by 60...from that point on I absolutely hated SC...still do. I live and die Stanford football....mostly die. But I'm still a fan.

Some of the players I got to see included a mess of SC studs like Lynn Swann, Ricky Bell, Anthony Davis, Sam "The Bamm" Cunningham, Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen, Pat Haden, and that alleged killer, OJ. Also Penn State's Heisman winner, John Capaletti, Washington's Warren Moon, Washington State's Sonny Sixkiller, Cal's Joe Roth just before he died, Cal's Chuck Muncie, and of course Stanford's Jim Plunkett and John Elway. There were others, too many to list.

Those games were fun because it was a family affair; my mom and dad worked, my brother worked, each of his 3 wives worked (not at the same time, of course), my wife worked, and several high school buddies also worked. It was a great time.

Pro football; not that interested in the National Felony League anymore, but I used to be a Raiders fan.