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Disney and Carnival are totally two different experiences. The cabins are comparible, Disney and Carnival have some of the largest in the industry. Disney cabins may be still slightly larger per square foot, and they have bathtubs where Carnival has showers. Your dining experience will be different on Carnival. You will eat in the same main dining room each night (unless you choose to go to the buffet, or reservation only restaurant.) The colors on Carnival ships can sometimes be loud, they often have whimsical themes. The Miracle is one of their louder ships. (Not all their ships are this way and have beautiful wood tones). The shows on Disney are all Disney themed and have entertainment in them to humor both the children and adults. Carnival has great shows but are broadway themed, or Las Vegas type revues, comedians, and jugglers. Of course you have the casino on Carnival, Disney you don't (that space is used for the Ocean Adventure Club on Disney). Your children should enjoy Camp Carnival's activities, and have plenty to stay active. They are two separate products that meet different needs and that should be kept in mind when making a comparison. I have enjoyed all my Carnival and Disney cruises though and had great times on both.