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hi I just got back from nola over 4th of july weekend first time I ever drove there and had to find parking the terminal, has parking right where you board the ship and plenty of spaces, the charge I think was about 10.00 per day if you are cruising if you park at any of the garages they start at 15 to 20 a day, but the terminal has secured parking can go on line to find the information, I have taken 2 cruises from nola but always flew in, the 4th of july trip was a comp at Harrahs so I was worried about parking as there is no free parking there over night, even the hotels charge for parking, I got off fairly easy I parked at harrahs and gambled and got 2 nites free the other 4 nites I paid a 10.00 fee at Doubletree hotel they validated my parking ticket, it save me 10.00 a nite as I was staying at thier hotel, but check out the site I included you can get more information we will be sailing out of nola in Jan. on the Conquest, so let me know how you enjoyed your trip !!!