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I wonder if the Cruiselines are taking appropriate precautions, ie., their own RPG's, or some sort of defense. It can't hurt to give ship security access to an M60 or bubba's deer rifle on board to deter these misguided thugs.

Better yet, doesn't some of these ships have skeet shooting on board. I shot marksman in the AF. Each cruise could identify someone with shootins skills and designate them the ship's marksman to handle the aggressors.

I'm kidding of course. Short of the pirates being able to penetrate the hull of the ship there is no way the captain would allow these jerks aboard.

Can you imagine the law suits?

I, for one, will not allow third-world thugs to ruin my vacation. Until I see Osama in a row boat with a RBLM (that is Row Boat Launched Missile) heading toward my cruise ship, I will not change my vacation plans.

We love to cruise, for the money you get more than flying into a resort and spending time and money in one place.

SO cruise on and leave the pirates to the Captain.
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