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We were involved in a head on collision that was not our fault after a pick-up truck crossed the median on I95 and struck us head on 100 miles from Miami, the morning of the date of departure and we all were hospitalized, some overnight.
First, I'm sorry for your tragedy and thankful everyone survived. That is far more important than the cruise. With that said, as I was reading your post I found the above sentence interesting. You point out that in the accident, you were not at fault. How does your tragic episode become NCLs fault? I agree with Dave that the driver of the truck is where the fault lies. None of us would ever even consider driving without proper insurance (I hope). But when it comes to traveling to foreign countries some of us neglect (and do so willingly, it's always offered) the one thing that would protect us against financial hardship during our vacation. Are you aware that some policies cover you from door to door? So any medical or other expenses you may have incurred even before you boarded the ship would have been covered. Even the evac helecopter flight, if needed, to rush you to the hospital from the crash scene. Cruiselines encourage insurance, not just with profit motive although I'm certain it is profitable or they wouldn't offer it, but also to prevent being faced with just this type of no win senario. You are writing a scathing letter about their service and callous disregard for your circumstances. You won't cruise with them again. You may, with your post, infleunce others not to cruise with them. What exactly did they do wrong. They offer insurance to protect you from such events and you declined to take it even though it is a very small price for the peace of mind and protection it offers. I guess I'm callous and uncaring for brining up the personal responsibility that we all must take responsibility for. NCLs policy is exactly what every cruiseline, airline, car rental company and any other form of travel has in place. A way to protect yourself but no back up plan to bail you out if you decline the coverage. Again, sorry for your accident, but the fault for your loss does not belong in the lap of the cruiseline.

Cheers, Neil