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Originally posted by LisaP:
I respectfully disagree, Spritfilled. We've taken our son on cruises every year for 12 years (he's 13 now), and kids are extra work for the crew. For example, our cabin steward would have another bed to service, often one that was stowed away in the wall during the day and opened at night. The dining room crew still served his meals, modifying their schedules as the timing of kids' meals is not necessarily the same as that of the adults. Plus, the child is occupying a seat in the dining room that might otherwise go to an adult. In fact, we usually tipped more for our son.

Some lines (NCL is one) suggest tipping 1/2 of the regular rate for kids under age 12.
I have to agree with you Lisa. Especially if a baby bed is required, like we saw on the Fantasy last week. I was surprised it was not just a Pac N Go but a real metal baby bed that the cabin steward put together and then broke down at the end of the cruise. (we saw it out in the hallway)

We have been cruising with the boys since they were 5 and 8 and we have always paid full tips (and extra to the cabin steward and cocktail waitress that brought them their cokes on the their soda cards to the table every night)