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Any you know, after returning from the Conquest where we had 2 formal nights where folks - including us - DID dress, I was commenting to my wife (as we schlepped luggage for our family of four yesterday at the airport...)NEXT cruise, I think I am going to be one of those folks who skip the formal night and eat on the Lido deck...after all I wear a suit to the office every day - why would I want to do that on my holiday

(OK it is fun, I admit but we could have lost at least one suitcase (on a 7 day cruise) if we had just ditched the formal wear)

And Fraze is correct, Carnival is a laid back cruise line even on the formal nights we saw folks dressed in dockers/golf shirts & female equivalent in the Monet.

I wore a swimsuit & a t-shirt to the indoor Lido buffet for lunch - and so did the majority of other cruisers (it IS your hard earned $$$ YOU spent on the Cruise after all )
9-16 OCT 2005 - Carnival Conquest (out of Galveston)