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Hi nThanks for the thoughts, My last cruise was almost a year ago this October 8 days on Liberty, since then the job Ive had for 24 years that I was worried about just kept getting better'er and better'er and I havent had a vacation since, The told me I was to ugly to work in the office anymore so asked me to build an office in my home , they gave me a truck and a wireless laptop so every morning I crawl out of bed go into my home office punch in and start my day this October 6 will be 25 years with Cox Communications and Im loving it better than ever,Plus My Mroctober show is doing real well and I sing at more Nursing homes as well as Host a Karaoke show at 2 different Venues weekly, The money is there but no time to go away. what Ive done to ease my missing of cruising is in January I bought a Harley Davidson and on weekends (i work on sat till noon) after work me and my girl go riding, she has her own Harley. weve been talking about getting away on a cruise but just have to figure when I can get away. thanks again for the thoughts,
Im Alive and doing well
sorry to Hijack this thread,

I believe the games played on ship are getting old, atleast for us veteran cruisers, such as the hairy chest contest and belly flop, its the same thing each time with just different faces, they need to figure out the percentage of repeat cruiser's on each cruise and adjust activities accordingly, anymore when I see the hairy chest contest or any other old activity Im bored with it and go to the upper deck.just my thoughts.

hey Dwayne thanks for the heads up. Ill be snooping around here agin more often.