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I've read both many good and bad reviews.

But, and this is important, read carefullly why the reviewers like or dislike a ship. Many dislike Freestyle Dining, and the complications that come with this style for seating at dinner. My point is, often those that write bad reviews often like the ship, but dislike Freestyle Dining. On other reviews, it was a bad shore excursion that caused the bad review. Again, you have to look hard to see what they didn't like about the ship or the crew. You'd be surprised at how many bad reviews state the crew was very accomodiating and willing to serve.

Likewise, many who write great reviews like Freestyle Dining, or got lucky with an upsell.

So, take the time to read the entire review, both bad and good, and decide what may have caused what they wrote. For example, the selection or quality of food aboard is often stated as the reason for their grade. Well, while you do eat three times a day, it's still just a small part of the entire cruise experience. Some will suggest it's the most important aspect of the cruise experence. Food selections and quality is very subjective. I've read reviewers state completely the opposite on the same cruise......How can that be?