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We have been about 8 times, on cruises, but not because of the cruise itinery, but because of friends,to eat, The yatch club, it is a short drive from the dock,very good fritto misto fish, still very french colonial, the Souk,you may get hassled,but we go to buy spices saffron not powder it is scatta, the stamens, leather,shirts and jackets, made to measure,we back to back so you pick up nxt wk, the aroma in the dock and last but not least the museum of the fly, not a long trip, the poverty is terrible, and sometimes, I do not leave the ship, I dislike the haggling, and leave it to my wife, ask the crew about the big dipper, it would be a good idear for you to go on an organised trip, I have never done this on any cruise, and I do not in the middle east, kalo taxidi