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Hi.. we did go on the Legend, last August.. same island... yes, FANTASTIC VOYAGE!!! For us, at Tampa, la Quinta was great and not expensive. Don't know about leaving the car there though.. it's near the airport.
For us, was our 3e cruise... all the island were great.. but really enjoy Roatan and Belize. In Roatan, and don't recall that the taxi was that expensive... we did went out the gate to find one and... very kind driver which came back and pick us back at 3:00. Was a marvelous day... In Belisle, we took a excursion getting out of the ship... which is so strange leaving way back in the ocean... anyway, we went to Bannister Caye.. a private island.. in the middle of nowhere just great!!! We saw dolphin going to that island!

The only comment I can say about the LEGEND, our first cabin was on the riviera level, which I think was the discotheque just up our cabin. The first night was awful.. we complain and... the day after, had a cabin with a balcony... chocolates and wine to our table!! Wow... what a complementary service!!! Really impressed!!!

A great great cruise for us...

Next April.. The Splendor!!! :-)