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Too bad that NCL America was flawed from the start. NCL should have restored the Big U as a 5-Star Hotel ship in NYC.

The problem with the Big U was the fact that this great vessel fell into the hands of incapable businessmen who didn't have a clue about using the ship's potential, beginning with Richard Hadley to Fred Mayer of commodore cruise line. Otherwise, the ship could been placed in the mothball reserve fleet.

This is a clear example of bad management at its worst without a clear business plan in mind for the ship, after the funds were in order.

I certainly hope that the Big U will not follow the SS Indy's footsteps. It would be a very grave mistake to see the SS United States go the Indian scrapyard. It's bad enough that the ship's interiors were gutted down in Turkey because of the stupid notion that the investors would receive funding to rebuild the ship, when the job could have been done in Germany. It would have left the ship's interiors intact, as well as the equipment.

I hope that someone does finally steps in and buys the vessel. Dispite its condition over the years of neglict, the Big U is too important of a ship to be sent either to the bottom of the ocean floor or to the scrappers.

I feel that Colin Veitch is a very bad businessman, like his predecessors before him. He had the power to convince Star's management about overhauling the SS Norway's engines before the explosion. So when the time came, it would have been sold quickly for their asking price, after they had recoupe the investment cost of overhauling the ship's powertrain.

Too bad they don't see things from that perspective.
Dan Lague
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