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Originally posted by Norway Deck #164:
They also have two short videos they made in 1997 about the ship on their web site.
Link to the station’s web site is

Wonder where they are going to get $500 million dollars when then wouldn’t invest a lot less the keep the SS Norway sailing?????
The actual quote in that article was
"Rebuilding the United States would cost about $500 million more than building a new ship."

I know NCL can build a brand spanking new ship for $500 million. That's the approximate price for each of the six Star class ships they have built since 2000. Whey would they want to spend a $1 Billion on the SSUS?

The propulsion plant is very expensive, probably the most expensive part of a new ship. With the SS Norway, since the boiler explosion in Miami, NCL can't get affordable insurance to operate its old steam boilers and turbines. But since the SSUS old steam boilers and turbines were built to a different design, affordable insurance can be bought.

NCL sailed the SS Norway for over 20 years since returning it to service. The SSUS older machinery has over 20 years of service life left. NCL could save significant sums of cash by not replacing the SSUS boilers and turbines.

Both NCL's new F3 class ships are being purchased by a 12 year loan. Since the existing SSUS main propulsion has over 20 years of life, its future service life is easily longer than the loan required to refurbish her. Can the same be said about the SS Norway? Can NCL get the financing to repair and refurbish the SS Norway?

To summarize, replacing the SS Norways boilers and engines is probably more expensive than refurbishing the SSUS, assuming NCL operates the SSUS with its original boilers and turbines.

p.s. If NCL decided to install diesel electric aboard the SSUS, I will not doubt it would be more expensive to refurbish the SSUS than to repair the SS Norway. But, if providing a new peropulsion plant for the SS Norway was to be done, why wouldn't NCL not wish to refurbish the SS Norway as well, adding additional Freestyle speciality restaurants?

Getting bank financing is the key to whatever NCL plans to do with either ship. It's possible NCL can not get further financing for the SS Norway, but can for the SSUS.
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