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The last post on security was closed, but I had a story that I wanted to share - a very non-aggressive, non-political story

ANYWAY, we have some friends that are cruise junkies (3-6 a year). They cruise so often that on their most recent cruise, they were given, among other things, the penthouse suite with daily gift baskets, and an invitation to an intimate (14 people total) dinner with all the top brass of the ship - which included the captain, the captains wife, and the head of security. After some chatting, they became friends with the head of security.

When our friends cruise, they prefer to only dine in the supper club, and not the normal dining room. The cruise line requires that all passengers be assigned a table in the normal dinning room, and since no two-person tables were available, they were put at an eight-person table. However, their potential table mates were insulted when our friends didn’t show up for the third night in a row – they assumed that our friends had walked into the dinning room, disapproved of their table mates appearance, and therefore choose to eat elsewhere for the duration of the cruise. Apparently, there was an “incident” that took place in the dinning room regarding this, which our friends were informed of by the head of security. Since they had become friends, it was promised that the situation would be “taken care of”.

For the entire rest of the cruise, our friends had a security guard within 10 feet of them at all times – I’m talking black suit, earpiece, CIA type of security. They put velvet ropes around their dinner table. When leaving the theatre, the cleared a path through the crowd so they could leave easily. Our friends have pictures of them sitting pool side with their drinks on lounge chairs, with the security guard in the background, just visible enough.

Ignoring the fact that something like that could be a nuisance after about 10 minutes, how funny is that? If nothing else, it makes for a great story. Apparently, everyone else on the cruise assumed that they were some sort of celebrities or royalty.

Anyone else ever experience, or hear about, anything similar?
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