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Originally posted by waterart:
Harv and Marv's is still listing Tracy Arm cruise on their website. I think it is a bit less expensive than other companies as well.
Like I said, call them directly and ask. Jay and Pete are great fun. I enjoy every tour I run with them, and every time I just see them for a chat at the dock.

If price is the main concern, be sure you're comparing the same things: Does the trip leave from downtown to maximize your time in/near Tracy Arm, or is there an hour on each end getting from/to the Auke Bay small boat harbor? Is the boat well prepared and ready to handle the sea conditions common to the area? What is included in the price? Lunch? Sales Tax? Any chance of seeing whales or dropping a line to fish on the way back?

I posted the link in another thread too, but if all else is equal, it's worth a look at to see if the boat you're chartering is 5-Star Safety Certified by the US Coast Guard too. I know quite a few locals who won't get on a boat to travel 150+ miles in cold water unless the boat is very well prepared.

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