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We just got off the Fantasy (for the 4th time since October) and had a great time.

The specific differences between the Celebration and Fantasy is that the Fantasy has a multi story atrium (Celebration does not).

The Fantasy uses your Sail and Sign card as the room key (no more keeping up with that plastic thing with holes in it).

The Fantasy has an Adult Serenity Area (ALL the way AFT one deck below Lido). Celebration does not.

The Fantasy also has the new Waterpark which the kids will like if you are taking little ones. (Grown "kids" like the slides as well)

You will be sailing with a lot of friends of mine. Rozwin is the karaoke host. (wonderful)
Michael and Clifton share the solo gigs on the Promenade. They are great. Tell them Linda (Mom of DJ) said HI!!

Brandon will be your ACD. He is super. Stitch (Entertainment Staff) is a HOOT!!

You will have a great time.

As far as "deep sea fishing"....with the limited time you have in is more "charter fishing".

The last time I ran around $450.00 for 4 hours and I believe that is for up to 8 people.

If you are thinking of doing an independent, than Fisherman Jim is your guy. Lots of good reports on his operation. You can reach him at this email address:

He can tell you what is "biting" that time of year. The fees etc. Tell him that Linda said HI!!

Enjoy your cruise and enjoy Cozumel.