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We found the whale watching in the morning the best the 2 times we went. The first time my mom amd mother-in-law went in the afternoon, saw 1 whale tale, enough to constitute not getting their money back that is guaranteed if you dont see any whales. This past cruise in September we saw a bunch of whales on the morning cruise. The train ride is Skagway is well worth the trip. This past time it was just my mom and I. I was so impressed that my husband is taking the cruise with me in 2008 just to go on the railroad, well not the only reason. Why not to the plane trip as well, although they get pretty spendy. Next time we are in Ketchikan we are going to do the excursion that takes you out to pick up crab pots and then back to base to have a crab feed. Have a great time, we will be taking our third cruise up there in 2008. You will fall in love with Alaska.