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Hi, we were upgraded to a cabin that slept 5 we were 3 adults and a child of 12, the only problem with the space was going to the bathroom at night so you would not step on any one as the trundle is on the floor, we decided to drop down the wall bunk and and not use the trundle as of course we did not need it, the sofa may be able to sleep the 2 smaller children if they get along ok. lol other wise you will use the trundle, they will only be used at night for sleeping as your steward will put everything away for during the day and believe me you guys will hardly be in your cabin, anyway so it really is a matter on how well the kids get along, it will sort of be like camping in a large tent only you will have a bathroom' is it a balcony cabin or outside or inside? you did not say, Fran