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I've found some additional information surfing the world wide web about these new ships.

Propulsion motors from Converteam

Two 24 MW induction motors powering 2 fixed pitched propellers

Diesels from Cat/Mak

Three MaK 12 M 43 C and three MaK 16 M 43 C marine engines per vessel, which will form a power plant providing a total of 79.8 MW for ship propulsion and on-board electricity supply.

Elevators/Escalators from Kone,,content=61850,00.html

KONE will design, supply and install altogether 60 custom designed elevators and 12 escalators tailored for passenger and service use.

Meaning 15 elevators and 6 escalators per ship.

One can get frustrated looking for any information about these new ships. But, from what I've been able to find, they will have two conventional propellers and shafts, vs azipods.

Two 24 MW propulsion motors means a total of 48 MW. That's more than the total 42 MW on RCI's Voyager and Freedom class ships using three 14 MW azipods.

Escalators on NCL cruise ships will be a first. I wonder how that will affect the grand stairway in the main atrium? I'm not sure 15 elevators, assuming three banks of five, will be enough for 4,200+ passengers, and that's assuming a few will not be for the crew only.