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All of the cruise lines have contracts with companies that provide rentals scooters, wheelchairs, oxygen and other medical necessities. You can call you T/A or the cruise line if you booked direct and ask about these rentals. They'll give you a couple of 800 #'s for the recommended partners they use. The company will deliver the item to the pier at a reasonable cost and come and get it when the ship returns. No hassle, no transporting. If you have a handicap accessible cabin the choices are more open. If you booked a standard cabin you'll need a scooter that is (usually) 27" wide or less to be able to get it through the doorway. Although if you do have some mobility and are using the chair only outside your cabin it won't matter. They'll provide storage on the ship so you won't have to take up space in your cabin for it. You simply have to alert your Porter as to when to bring it to you in the morning and when you'd like it picked up in the evening.

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