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Hi everybody,

doing the Transatlantic on the Splendour starting november 12 in Barcelona, ports of call: Alicante, Malaga, Tenerife, 6 seadays, Nassau and ending up in Galveston.

Anything I must know???

Nancy I read your mega review, thanks for that. Maybe Im able to write my own, as you asked me before. I already bought a big diary to write down everything.

Ive heard from Tom that the Splendour is showing some wear and tear. But we got a very good price and a friend of us was hired to play the piano in the Schooner Bar.
But because RCCL had some new forms for the crew and some of them got the old forms, some medical exams were missing. So 17 crew members had to leave the ship on the same day they embarked. Its very disappointing for us, because one of the reasons to do the cruise, was meeting him and having 14 wonderful days and nights together.

So wish me luck for our first Transatlantic cruise. Im a little afraid about the weather and becoming seasick.

Best regards, Marita