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How would one go about arranging a tour from the port? How would I know which ones are reliable? We will be minimally a party of four. Perhaps we could pick up another couple that might ber interested in joining us. I can't understand why the cruiselines are so limited, as we will much time. My main concern is that the tour guide would have back at the ship on time, so if anyone can recommend someone that would be appreciated.c
Originally posted by billybuzzy:
Eddieg24 - If you only have 4 hours-then the ship's tour is the way to go. If you have 16 hours then I suggest you consider hiring a local driver at the pier. There is a great D-Day museum located at the location where French General LeClerc came ashore and is very informative.
If history is not your thing- A run over to visit Mt. St. Michel and tour therein (It is a medieval town with a monastery at its peak-the views alone you'll remember the rest of your days!) would be quite memorable and is priceless.
The French people of Cherbourg are wonderful and most hospitable.
There are enough remains of German fortifications around the harbor and the piers to write a book!

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