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Any suggestions on a good restaurant?
I heard great things about Pancho's Backyard within Los Cinco Soles gift shop in downtown Cozumel (San Miguel).

Also I heard great things about the restaurant called La Choza. Here is there website:

Attraction that would pull us away from the shopping?
Discover Mexico: a museum of artwork and outdoor miniature models of famous Mexican cities and landmarks through-out the countries history. My group stopped by this place on our shorex. Here is the website:

Also, Hacienda Antigua- Tequila History Tour. A mock-up of a Tequila farm and distillery. Guided tours and talks about the history and facts about Tequila. Free samples of Cava Antigua brand Tequila offered; as well as for sale. Here is their websites:
Yes, my group also stoped at this place. I don't drink alcohol, so I took the word of my group when they said it was excellent Tequila. My shorex. guide said this Cava Antigua brand is considered the best Tequila and is not sold in the US.
some adventure the men would enjoy?
Maybe check-out that "4x4 Jeep Safari" shorexcursion (or similar words). I heard allot about it, but never booked it.

Of course, Cozumel is renowned for its diving and snorkeling. The men might enjoy doing that. I heard Chankanaab Park is one of the best spots for snorkeling and diving in Cozumel.

So, I hope that was some help. Have a good time on your cruise.