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Originally posted by macmom111:
Got our room assignment to day for our sept cruise on the legend. We booked a 1A inside guarantee with the military rate.
We have got upgraded to a 4C cabin on the empress deck. We are so excite... We feel truely blessed.
54 days till will leave.
macmom111, I love that you got the upgrade. Even more than that I love that you have the right attitude about recieving it. You would not believe the number of people who get such an upgrade and instead of being excited about it as you are and I would be they complain that they didn't get upgraded to an oceanview or balcony! There is a belief out there that upgrades are given out like candy and if you don't get one you should be disappointed. It's obviously not the case and you have made my day with your post recognizing and appreciating this opportunity. Thanks for that!

Cheers, Neil