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Right, Dwayne... "one" Laugh out loud My grandparents are full-blooded Irish so I take the time to remember them and cherish the lovely memories that they provided me.
Yes, I cherish the memories of my grandparents, and my great-grandmother too. They had so many sayings that must have been handed down to them.

I actually only stayed at Flynn's for one beer. It was so crowded I had to illegally park. A good portion of off duty police officers were there, so I told them about my illegal parking. They said it was ok and bought me a beer. I can say this, a Guinness is quite different than a Coors Light.

Penny, I put my brisket in the crock pot with a beer and some water this time. A friend of mine told me to try it that way and when it is done it would float. It turned out great. I've never had horseradish with it before. What brand do you like? I might try it some time.