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We stayed at the Sea Club last year. It's right on A1A. They had a nice restaurant/bar area that you can look at the ocean while eating or having an afternoon cocktail. The hotel is old, but the rooms are very clean. They charged us $96/night. We've also stayed at Pier66 and the Renaissance. They were much more expensive, but they are more of the modern day hotel. The Sheraton Yankee Clipper is very nice, too. The Renaissance charged is $169/night, Pier66 was $189/night, Yankee Clipper was $189/night. Anything on 17th Street Causeway will be near the port. Anything on A1A will be near the beach. We've also stayed at the Tropi-Rock which is about 2 blocks down from the Sea Club. It's an old motel, but clean. They charged $89/night, but didn't have a restaurant. I actually liked the Sea Club better, the rooms were larger. Just a few suggestions.