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Hey guys, RCI isn't the only line that can take a benefit away, but make it sound like you're actually getting something wonderful.

This is Princess' new policy on laundry service for Elite Captain's Circle Members:


While all Circle Members can take advantage of our laundry services onboard, Elite Members enjoy this onboard convenience at no extra cost, a benefit that saves money and gives them more to enjoy on their vacation.

It's important to note that as Princess becomes more environmentally conscious, some ships have moved away from traditional dry-cleaning and have adopted more environmentally friendly laundry options. Regardless of the method, you can rest assured that all of your clothing items, from your personal effects to your formal wear, will be laundered with care.

To take advantage of this valuable service, simply fill out the Laundry Services form found in your stateroom, place your clothes in the bag provided and your room steward will take care of it from there. And although express laundry service where garments turned in by 9 a.m. are returned the same day by 6 p.m. is not guaranteed in the complimentary Elite laundry, the ship always does its best to get your laundry back in a timely manner.

What they gloss over quickly is the fact that there is no more dry cleaning service--for Elite, or anybody else. Now I don't know about you, but I'm not about to send my formal wear to the laundry.