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Hello all,
First thing is destination, i'll presume Caribbean. Shorts and tees for the day(s). Dining is a paid of Dockers (or something similiar) and a golf type shirt. "You could go shorts and tees but lets try to keep or dining respectable". Formal nights (of which there are 2) are really for your best dressed photos so you really want to dress your best. As for myself, after several cruises I've started packing very light. I leave home in long pants and return in those same pants. 4 short pants 7 golf type shirts (used for daily wear and non formal dinner) 4 docker type pants for dinner, socks & undies you have to make that call. But after day 4 I wash my clothes in the laundromat onboard, I get get there very early in the morning and then on they finally day,, late night i'm washing again, clean clothes whenI return home.

Good luck