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Hello All,

It has been a long time since my last post, but I wanted to take the opportunity to bid farewell to all of the people here.

My participation in this thread dropped off when my father became very ill. I stopped in occasionally to catch up on the status of our lovely lady, but did not have the time or energy required to truly interact.

I see that there has been some mention of closing the thread to new messages, and I wanted to share a couple of links that I think all here would enjoy before that happens.

The first link is a cool little webcam-type 360 degree view of various areas of the ship during the Norway years. It is really amazing. Make sure to click on the links at the left of the page to see all of the available views.
Destination 360 - Norway

This next link is the deck plan during the Norway years. You can look at every deck using the triangular navigational tool. Norway Deck Plans

The last link is a great video of a couple making the transatlantic crossing both ways. They take the France going east and the Liberte going west. There are some awesome shots of the ship during her heyday. This is my favorite link of the three, as this is how I remember her.
France-Liberte YouTube

I hope you all enjoy these links as much as I have. I wish you all well.

Bon Voyage,