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It is my understanding that any "group" over a certain number of people (I don't know why the number 30 is flashing in my mind, but not positive) that book "as a group" can have this "all inclusive" perk added to their bill for $40 - 45 a day per person.

But EVERYONE in the group has to agree to pay the $40 -45 a person.

It could be this "agency" is trying to get enough people to book in their GROUP in order to qualify.

I knew about the cards, but I think (again not positive) that this may be for VIPs like TAs.

I am not certain the same cards are used for all inclusive groups. I was thinking they had some kind of wristband...but again..running on memory here...and an old memory at that!!

At any rate, I am just glad I am not booked on that cruise. I am not a big fan of "all you can drink", since it tends to lend itself to behavior that is not all that impressive.