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Hi Baby Doll,

I am also a type II diabetic. I can remember being diagnosed when I was 18 and being overwhelmed with all of the changes that come along with the disease. I'm 27 now and life is good. I promise you, that you will look back in 6 months and realize that life has not been turned "upside down".

Keep in perspective that type II diabetes can be managed easily with adjustments to your diet and excersize:. As others have suggested, meet with a nutritionists and visit web sites to educate yourself about the disease. Sure, it's difficult not eating the cake,candy,& pasta but remember that its all about portion can still treat yourself to these foods in moderation.

I've been on seven cruises and have never had problems finding foods that are healthy. One thing you should consider is bringing glucose tablets in case you have a sugar low while you are in port or on an excursion. These will help boost your sugar levels quickly if necessary.

Here's a tip to use at home...when you look at labels on various foods, concentrate on the carbohydrate count and NOT the sugars. Often, sugar free deserts are loaded with carbs (more carbs than that regular deserts). For example, next time you are at the grocery store, grab a box of sugar free ice cream sadwiches and a box of regular. Compare the carbs and you will see they are about the same. I always choose the regular one's if they are within a few carbs of the sugar free. Again, its all about portion control.

Have a blast on your cruise and treat yourself to something sweet. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.



P.S. Please remember that I'm not a Doc or Nutrisionists. These are only my personal experiences.Hope they are helpful.