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Just returned from a Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Victory. Been on six cruises, our first on Carnival. Never again.

Our group of 12 boarded on Sunday afternoon in San Juan.

On Wed morning at breakfast one of our group (Tony)became ill (light headed, nauseous, non-responsive). It took about 10 to 15 minutes for the ships medical people to arrive. Tony was eventually wheeled town to the infirmary where he was treated for a possible heart attack.

In time it was recommended that Tony transfer to a hospital (we were in Barbados) and an ambulance was called. Three hours later the ambulance arrived but Tony was feeling better and declined the hospital against medical advice. Bu 4:00 PM Tony was feeling well enough to leave the infirmiry, he was diagnosed with a stomach virus and advised not to leave the ship until 2:00 PM the next day.

I wish that was the whole story but it is not. On the prior monday evening, our first meal at our assigned table, we entered the dining room when it opened for the late seating at 8:15. I believe because of poor service and maybe the table we were at (Table 104) were the last table served and the last people out of the dining room. It took an hour until 9:15 for us to get our main entres. Talk about being P.O.

I believe that it was on Thursday evening that we had Lobster on the menu. We had to send two of three lobsters back to the chef because they we raw (pink) on the inside.

To wrap it up, on Saturday at lunch, Tony (yes, the same one) picked out some fried chicken and after starting to eat found that one of the pieces was bloody on the inside. The service staff agreed that the chicken should not have been put out like that and took it back to the chef. They did note Tony's stateroom number.

Tony has not heard from Carnival (I don't think he expected and word from them). Our travel agent has reported our experience to his association.

It is a shame because the rest of the cruise was at least acceptable.