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oreo, paper tickets are not the official docs. They're a feel good measure. The ships manifest is the official record and it's now electronic. If you have tickets and the customs or cruiseship computer goes down you aren't getting aboard until the sytem comes back up. But if you show up with nothing in your hand but a passport and did the online registration (assuming the computer is working) you're on the ship without delay. Electronic info has replaced the need for tickets or any paper forms of any kind. I really wish all the lines would adopt a paperless system altogether. But as has been stated here by many and countless times people feel better having something in hand and actually prefer the old fashioned tickets to eDocs. As long as you register that's fine but never think that that slip of paper is what you need and all you need to board or you'll have a lot of people behind you in line very upset about the delays from handing the agent your paper.

Cheers, Neil