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Originally posted by annies:

That is outrageous! Like you said, your older teens are full paying customers, just as you or I would be, and deserve more. And people wonder why our teens turn to drinking and drugs for entertainment! Can you imagine adults boarding a ship and having no entertainment for the full cruise? If this Club 02 director is contracted out, Carnival should fire these people, and hire people who are serious about entertaining 1 or 100 kids! In my mind, Carnival owes you another cruise! This time with entertainment and extra credit for your teenager! How disappointing!! I truly am sorry this happened to your family!

The director position is definately not subcontracted out. Someone does not know what they are talking about. It is the same entertainment position as a social host. Coca Cola merely partnered with Carnival and pays money to sponsor this "club" for advertisement. But the director is a Carnival employee.

As for Carnival owing anyone another cruise, I think that is a bit excessive.

We just got off the Miracle and Angie (Club O2 director) could not have done a more perfect job. Daniel on the Spirit was equally good.
The Pride director was a hoot. I can't remember the name, but they had a group of about 25 that rocked!!