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I don't really understand the big deal
I mean if you worry too much
you will not enjoy your cruise.
Let me tell you this:
One time on Puerto Rico they told us about some sickness that the mosquitos were spreding throught the island, well everyone were looking for the anti-mosquito repellent and at the end there were no place to find them because everyone were so scare that the repellent was sold out. Just because some people, 2 person in the island yes only two, were on the hospital because of it that, was a reason enought to the whole island to panic.

let us use science of logic for a moment:

To be true many of those diseases can be transfer person to person, even by mosquitos on the ship after the people arrive from the island they can be biten and then the mosquito can bite someone else on the ship.
What are you going to do be on your cabin all the cruise?
Well the ship visit the port every single week of the year no??


The media always write about the norovirus and they enjoy destroying the cruise industry reputation with it,
Will they left an oportunity like this:

" Carnival ship the killer malaria cruise"

out of the picture??

the answer to that is no,

enjoy your cruise
life is short and worrying is no way to live
don't think about what can go wrong
think about what can go GREAT!!!
becuase if that the case YOUR cruise will be a nightmare and no a vacation.
Better yet forget about what you read, buy a repellent, just in case, and go to the trip you want to go, forget about the mosquitos, been biten etc.
At the end of your cruise you will see the big picture

and th even if you don't go out how about the persons on the ship?? or