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Hi. I am happy to answer your questions. I think the time of year you are going is great. It was hot when we were off the ship. No matter if you take the excursions or plan it on your own please realize that there is a great deal of climbing and sometimes walking over uneven terrain. We did not take many excursions but I highly recommend them since you will always have a guide and at least you will have some history on what you are seeing. If you decide to do it on your own make sure to plan it first. Every day the ship holds class or you can view it on Tv about the places you will see and gives you suggestions.
Please wear comfotable walking shoes and wear a cross body handbag so you won't get mugged. Speaking of getting mugged we added on an extra two days on our own in Barcelona. One night we dressed up and I was carrying a clutch purse, holding it close to my chest when a theif on a bike came by and snached it from me. Only take enough euros with you to cover the day you are out. You only have to bring your passport to Croatia so don't carry it otherwise. I found Florence the best place to buy things. We took a cab and a train ride for 1 21/2 hours. The train was not airconditioned. Buy botteled water at the exit area of the ship. Please make sure to photo copy your driver's license, credit cards, passports and airline tickets on both sides and keep it in your safe.
I brough a shawl along and used it in the dining room and if there was a church to go into. Knees must be covered as well as shoulders.
We loved the Thasotherapy pool- it was just the right temperature and not as noisy and busy as the larger pool. I also enjoyed the spa services.
There is so much to see and do. You will be on the go constantly and it is so much fun and so enlightening.
I did not bring formal clothes along but rather some dressy tops with dressy black pants. With some nice costume jewlery it looked great.If you plan on washing things out it is not such a good idea since it took days to dry. Bring enough underwear and half the clothes you will need so every day you can send the dirty ones to the cleaner. Don't wait to send them all at once since you might not get them back in time. Please feel free to email me with any more questions. Ahoy, Shelli