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We just returned from the Liberty in Feb. The flowrider is open for a couple of hours each morning and each afternoon. I want to say from 10:00 am until 12m. First hour is surfing and the second hour is boogy boarding. Then it is open again from 3:00pm until 5m. Once again the first hour is surfing then the second hour is boogy boarding. They also had a few times during the week that the flowrider was running for night time fun. When the flowrider is not open you can book private lessons for a fee. There is no fee to ride it during the open times. If you enjoy it you could easily ride it 10 times during each open session. The line can get 20 people deep, but most people can only stay up a few seconds, when surfing. The boogy boarding is a little easier. By the end of the week there are a handful of people who are able to stay up longer. It was a blast to do the flowrider. People of all ages were doing it. Go to youtube and search for flowrider. You can type in liberty of the seas flowrider or freedom of the seas flowrider or just flowrider.