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I made my reservations through Royal Caribbean and they gave me a flight with a 40 minute connection time at DFW on the way to the cruise. What if my flight is late? I am worried!
Renee, I would be worried, too. If your reservation is already past final payment time, so that you're in the penalty period and you can't cancel the air, I would call Royal Caribbean and tell them you think the connect time, although a "legal" connection, is too tight. Sometimes they'll change your flight for you. It's probably going to be the first flight that's changed to an earlier flight, connecting to the same flight in DFW.

If Royal Caribbean is not willing to change your flight, you may want to invest the extra fee to get "custom air," and see if Custom Air can put you on flights at better times, or even the day or evening before.

If you are not within penalty period, look into flights on your own. If you find flights you like better that are around the same price, you may want to cancel RCI's air and make your own arrangements.

I join all the others in urging you to fly to the embarkation city the day before your cruise.