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Originally posted by Raoul Fiebig:

oops - you forgot to include NCL's most recent announcement in regards to their expansion plans [sic] for NCL America:

Dated September 7th, 2006
NCL’s President and CEO, Colin Veitch, said: "[...] Our U.S. flag start-up costs have obscured, for the past two years, the attractive financial returns on the international fleet of ships that we have built since Star Cruises bought NCL. All our growth from now on will be in this strongly profitable sector of our fleet[...]"

Hmm - so no further growth for NCL America, I guess. No further NCL America growth = no addition of the "United States" to the NCL America fleet = no reconstruction of the "United States".
As I wrote earlier, NCLA is going to have to turn higher profits before you'll see anything done with the SS US. Two of the last three ships built were for NCLA. Now, it appears the tetter has totter the other way, with four or five of the next ships being built for NCL.
By the end of 2010, will NCL need more ships, or NCLA? Let's not give up hope so quickly.......
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